4.2 Cannabis Products and Pricing

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A retail cannabis store shall not possess, keep, sell or provide any cannabis product at or from the store which has not been purchased directly from AGLC under the authority of the retail cannabis store licence unless the product has been purchased or transferred from another store or provided as a sample from a registered cannabis representative (see Section 5.5, 6.3 and 7.2). (Amended Mar 2020, Jun 2021 and Mar 2023)
  2. A licensee’s products are subject to a six per cent wholesale markup. (Added Mar 2022)
  3. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  4. AGLC may establish a minimum price for cannabis products sold in a retail cannabis store. Licensees are not permitted to sell below the minimum price or provide cannabis to customers free of charge. (Amended Nov. 2018)
  5. Available quantities and related prices must be clearly displayed.
  6. Purchases cannot exceed 30 grams of cannabis or equivalent to one individual per visit. Equivalencies are outlined as per Schedule 3 of the Canada Cannabis Act:
Class of Cannabis Quantity Equivalent to 1 gram of dried cannabis
dried cannabis 1 gram
fresh cannabis 5 grams
solids containing cannabis 15 grams
non-solids containing cannabis, other than cannabis beverages  70 grams
cannabis plant seeds 1 seed
cannabis concentrates .25 grams
cannabis beverages 570 grams

(Amended Nov 2019 and Dec 2022)

  1. Upon customer request, receipts are to be provided for all cannabis purchases.( Amended Jan 2022)
  2. The Health Canada Consumer Information brochure must be made available to each customer (see Subsection 4.2.12). (Amended Nov 2019 and Jan 2022)
  3. Cannabis products must be sold in its original sealed packaging as received from AGLC.
  4. If it is reasonable to believe a sales transaction will place an individual in possession of more than 30 grams of cannabis, the sales transaction must not be completed.
  5. Retail cannabis stores cannot offer off-site sales. (Amended Mar 2022)


  1. Copies of the Health Canada Consumer Information brochure may be obtained:
    1. by printing the brochure located at the following link: Consumer Information Sheet; or
    2. by placing an order through AGLC’s Call Centre at:
      1. Phone: 1-855-436-5677; or
      2. Email: albertacannabis@aglc.ca
        (Added Nov 2019)
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