1.5 Licensee's Responsibilities

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  2. (Deleted Jan 2022)
  3. The operation of a licensed premises shall be carried out  in a socially responsible manner. Staff should be trained to understand violations of the legislation and policies, in accordance with SellSafe training as specified in Section 1.7. (Amended Jan 2022)
  4. A licensee and its staff with information about illegal activities related to cannabis is required to contact the nearest AGLC office (see Subsection 1.3). This includes:
    1. illegal cannabis;
    2. stolen cannabis; and
    3. cannabis not marked for sale in Alberta.


  1. Licensees should be aware that the sale of cannabis carries a risk of potential liability. Questions on liability should be directed to a lawyer.
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