4.14 Online Sales

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook

(Added Mar 2022)


  1. To conduct online cannabis sales, licensees must obtain an endorsement by contacting AGLC Inspections Branch (inspections.mailbox@aglc.ca). 
  2. Licensees must ensure that age-gating controls are in effect regarding any website or electronic communication originating from, or on behalf of, the licensee. (Amended October 2023)
  3. For licensees who have obtained an endorsement for online sales, the licensee’s website homepage must prominently display:
    1. all of the licensees’ licence numbers;
    2. all of the licensed premises names;
    3. the physical addresses of the licensed premises;
    4. mandatory AGLC social responsibility material; and
    5. a link to AGLC’s cannabis licensee search page at aglc.ca/cannabis/retail-cannabis/cannabis-licensee-search
  4. All sales made online must be placed by a customer directly with the licensee. Licensees are only allowed to accept online orders through the online store owned and operated by the licensee. Licensees are not allowed to process orders initially placed through third-party websites or apps not operated by the licensee. These restrictions are not intended to prohibit licensees from using services provided by companies to facilitate their own e-commerce, inventory management and regulatory compliance.
  5. All cannabis retail store websites, e-commerce platforms and cannabis sales must be in compliance with all federal and provincial legal obligations, particularly those outlined in the Cannabis Act.
  6. Licensees’ websites are not permitted to contain any promotion, marketing or advertising of illicit cannabis or have any links to illicit online cannabis websites.
  7. Each sales transaction must not exceed 30 grams of dried cannabis or equivalent.
  8. All sales must take place within Alberta.