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Purileaf Brands Corporation has initiated a product recall

Purileaf Brands Corporation has recalled NightNight Pomegranate Sunset Shot across multiple lot numbers due to potential presence of dangerous bacteria. Visit Recalls and Notifications for more information.

3.3 Refunds for Damaged/Defective Products

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. AGLC will return to the cannabis supplier any product that:
    1. arrives rotten, stale, or otherwise spoiled;
    2. is improperly labelled or packaged; and
    3. is not as described in the sales contract.
  2. The cannabis supplier will be responsible for paying for return shipping as well as any additional cost incurred inspecting, unpacking, or repacking the product.
  3. AGLC will receive a full refund for all returned cannabis products.
  4. (Deleted Mar 2022)


  1. For additional information on refunds for damaged or defective cannabis product returns, please refer to Section 5.1 (Product Returns) of the Licensed Producer Operations Manual.
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