1.1 Introduction

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) is established under the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act (GLCA) and is governed by the requirements of the Criminal Code, the GLCA and the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation (GLCR).
  2. AGLC is the province’s cannabis authority, responsible for administering and regulating the cannabis industry in Alberta.
  3. Board policies are approved by the Board of AGLC and signed by the Chair, on behalf of the Board.
  4. Board policies respecting the activities authorized by a registration, as detailed in this handbook, are conditions of the registration, pursuant to Section 17 of the GLCR.
  5. (Deleted Mar 2022)
  6. Guidelines are best business practices designed to help licensees meet operating requirements.
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  8. (Deleted Mar 2022)
  9. Only those businesses and/or persons who are registered as a cannabis supplier with AGLC pursuant to Section 90.13 of the GLCA, and Section 107 of the GLCR, may conduct marketing, merchandising and promotional activities of cannabis in Alberta.
  10. An activity not specifically permitted under these policies and guidelines is prohibited unless otherwise approved by AGLC.
  11. (Deleted Mar 2022)
  12. If a cannabis representative involved in the daily operation does not have a working knowledge of the English language sufficient to understand the legislation and/or these policies, AGLC will ask that the licensee have an interpreter present whenever:
    1. discussing details of the licence application;
    2. an Inspector visits the registered cannabis representative to review their responsibilities;
    3. the licensee acknowledges its responsibilities by signing the Operating Procedures form; and
    4. the licensee attends a Board hearing.


  1. The GLCA, GLCR and Cannabis Representative Handbook may be accessed on AGLC’s website at aglc.ca.(Added Mar 2022)
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