Russian Liquor Supply

Liquor Bulletin 

February 27, 2022

This bulletin is to advise that effective immediately, AGLC will no longer register, accept delivery of, or sell liquor products from Russian suppliers to Alberta retailers. This means these products will no longer be available for retail liquor stores to purchase in Alberta.

The list below identifies which brands are impacted.

Category Product
Spirits Russian Standard Vodka (750mL) Green Mark Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.14L) JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.0L) Vodka Tundra Authentic (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.375mL) Ruskova Vodka (200mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (1.75L) Ruskova Vodka (375mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Platinum (750mL) Ruskova Vodka (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Gold (750mL) Ruskova Citron (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka (50mL) Ruskova Orange and Pineapple (750mL)
  Russian Standard Limited Edition (750mL) Ruskova Elderflower (750mL)
  Russian Standard Vodka Gift Pack (3 x 375mL) Ruskova Elderflower (1L)
  Beluga Allure Vodka (750 ml) Ruskova Raspberry (1L)
  Beluga Vodka (750 ml)  
  Beluga Gold Vodka (750 ml)  
  Beluga Celebration (750 ml)  
  Beluga Transatlantic Vodka (750 ml)  
Beer Baltika 7 (470mL)

AGLC recognizes that there may be a range of products (e.g., vodka, wines) that contain “Russia” or “Russian” in the product name. However, if a product is not on the list above, it is not a Russian-made liquor product and does not originate from a Russian supplier.

Additional information is available in the Q&A page. Please contact should you have additional questions or concerns.