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Community Bingo Review

Bingo Bulletin

Policy Amendments – Community Bingo Review

April 13, 2021

This bulletin is to advise all charitable organizations and stakeholders of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the Bingo Licensee Terms & Conditions for Charities.

A comprehensive review of the Bingo Licensee Terms & Conditions for Charities policy, now renamed as the Community Bingo Terms & Conditions, was conducted to clarify and modernize policy, and provide more flexibility for charities that conduct community bingo events.

Policy was amended to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Create more flexibility for charities:
    • Remove the 65 per cent prize value limit and the prize payout limit, and replace these with a profitability statement.
    • Removing the bingo event limit for licensed charities to hold one special event a month and a special anniversary program to coincide with its new license period.
    • Accommodate the sale and consumption of liquor during community bingo events.
    • Increase the value of promotional items from $25 to $50.
    • Expand acceptable forms of payment at community bingo events.
    • Reduce financial reporting requirements for community bingos that generate $20,000 and less in annual gross bingo revenue.
    • Expand paid positions to include bingo coordinator for larger bingos.
  • Modernize and clarify community bingo policy:
    • Remove association bingo policy to provide charities with relevant information to conduct community bingo events.
    • Provide more information on application requirements for community bingo, and specifically for media bingo.
    • Define allowable expenses.
    • Ensure charities with small bingo programs under $20,000 in annual gross bingo revenue are not required to purchase bingo equipment or paper from a registered gaming supplier.
    • Include a set of guidelines to maintain a financial/inventory and cash management control systems for revenue and expenses.
    • Aligning the process to confirm and present winners with the progressive jackpot.
    • Included policy for seeding bingo prizes for regular and special games.

The amended Community Bingo Terms & Conditions may be accessed on AGLC’s website at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGLC’s Regulatory Services Division or call the AGLC Hotline at 1-800-561-4415.


Download the printable version.