Important Changes to Due Diligence Investigative Process and Forms

Cannabis Bulletin

March 24,2023

This bulletin is to advise retail cannabis licensees and cannabis representative registrants that AGLC has streamlined our process and forms.

  • Obtain forms directly from Due Diligence
    • First time applicants are to contact Due Diligence at as part of the new application process. Due Diligence will assist the applicant in determining the correct form(s) to use and will answer questions about the process and forms.
    • For applicants whose licences and registrations are being renewed, Due Diligence will contact the company six months prior to the licence or registration expiring to help determine which form(s) to use and to answer any questions.
  • New streamlined process
    • Key individuals of associated companies will complete a 4-page Consent to Records Check (Form 5678), instead of an 18-page disclosure.
    • Key individuals of publicly traded companies will need to complete a disclosure only if they are a key employee or director of the applicant applying for a licence or registration.
    • Cannabis retail store managers are no longer required to undergo a Due Diligence investigation.
    • Publicly traded companies will no longer need to complete a disclosure, unless they are the applicant applying for a licence or registration.
  • New streamlined forms
    • A single applicant disclosure, Application to Due Diligence Investigation (Form 5675), will now be used for gaming and cannabis applicants. The form has fewer questions and is 10 pages, compared to our previous applicant disclosure for cannabis, which was 18 pages in length.
    • Associated companies will provide only one year of financial information, instead of the previous requirement of three years of information.
    • Additional information may be requested as the investigation progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGLC’s Due Diligence Unit at