CTCOG Red Tape Review Phase II

Casino Bulletin

Policy Amendments – CTCOG Red Tape Review Phase II

March 16, 2021

This bulletin is to advise all casino facility licensees and registered gaming workers of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the Casino Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines (CTCOG). The following CTCOG policies are effective March 16, 2021.

  • In keeping with the Government of Alberta red tape reduction initiatives, these amended policies include changes that provide industry stakeholders with increased flexibility and efficiency in running their operations:
    • Section 2 has been amended to remove redundant policy that has already been identified in the Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook;
    • Section 3 has been amended to improve clarity of the requirements of specific volunteer/charity worker roles (e.g. CTCOG 3.5.1 and the role of the cashier). Also, Subsection 3.1.4 was added as new policy to provide for situations like COVID‐19 or extreme weather, which will provide more flexibility for casino facility licensees and charities;
      Note: Further changes may come forward as part of the Charitable Gaming Review, which could be incorporated into policy at a future date.
    • Sections 13, 16 and 17 have been amended to remove regulatory requirements surrounding electronic gaming from the CTCOG. Content being removed may be moved into the Electronic Games – Casino Retailer agreement, electronic games retailer application documents or the Slot Operations Best Practices Manual, as applicable, which streamlines policies to make them more relevant and by placing content where it is more appropriate; and
    • Section 20 has been amended to remove policy requirements from the CTCOG that would be better housed in the Winner’s Edge Playbook.

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policies, update your CTCOG as required, and ensure all affected staff are notified of the new requirement(s).

The amended CTCOG may be accessed on AGLC’s website at aglc.ca.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGLC’s Regulatory Service Division or call AGLC Hotline at 1‐800‐561‐4415.


Download the printable version.