Expense reports

The AGLC discloses all business travel, conference, working session, hospitality and professional membership expenses quarterly for all:

  • AGLC board members
  • President & CEO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice Presidents

Expense reports are posted within 15 working days of the end of each quarter and remain online for one year. Supporting receipts including taxes are included where applicable. Receipts are not required when an allowance is used (such as per diems and meal allowances), or for mileage and metered parking.


Individual expense reports

AGLC board 

Susan Green

Board Chair - term ended March 31, 2017

Gael MacLeod

Board member, appointed Board Chair June 2017

Bill Anhorn

Board member - term ended September 30, 2016

Bill Clark

Board member - term ended August 1, 2016

Patti Grier

Board member

Ken Knowles

Board member

Brad Krizan

Board Member

Thorna Lawrence

Board member

Brent Shervey

Board Member

President & CEO

Alain Maisonneuve*

Acting-President & CEO - effective March 15, 2017

D. W. (Bill) Robinson

President & CEO - term ended March 15, 2017


Senior Vice President and Vice Presidents

Dave Berry*

Acting VP, Regulatory Services

Bernie Bolton

VP, Corporate Strategic Services & Chief Risk Officer

Neil Brown

VP, Information Technology and CIO

Karen Eagan

VP, Human Resources & Learning and Development (term ended Sept. 1, 2016)

Gill Hermanns

VP, Charitable Gaming Program and Regulatory Research (term ended December 31, 2016)

Jody Korchinski

VP Liquor Services

Shane Loxterkamp

VP, Compliance and Social Responsibility (term ended august 10, 2016)

Kandice Machado

VP, Corporate Services and CFO

Niaz Nejad

VP, Lottery and Gaming

David Oh

Chief Information Officer and VP, Innovation & Strategy (term ended February 10, 2017)

Wendy Romanko

VP, Human Resources and Employee Development


Division Expense Reports

Board office

Office of the President & CEO

Charitable Gaming Program and Regulatory Research

Corporate Services

Corporate Strategic Services

Human Resources & Employee Development

Liquor Services

Lottery and Gaming Services

Innovation and Strategy*

Merged with Information Technology

Regulatory Services

Information Technology*

Previously: Technology Services