AGLC’s Mandate is defined in the Mandate and Roles Document (MRD) in accordance with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act. The MRD outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the Minister and AGLC and enhances the exchange of information and communication between both parties. The MRD also outlines the Minister’s expectations of AGLC including performance requirements.


As outlined in the MRD, AGLC is responsible for the administration of Alberta’s gaming, liquor and cannabis laws and does so by:

  • administering the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act;
  • conducting and managing provincial lotteries for the Government of Alberta;
  • maintaining the accountability of Alberta’s gaming activities;
  • managing the liquor and cannabis supply chains in Alberta;
  • operating Alberta’s online cannabis sales platform;
  • generating revenue for the Government of Alberta; and
  • ensuring integrity and social responsibility in the operation of gaming, liquor and cannabis activities.


The board may create committees when necessary or appropriate. These committees are made up of board members and are assigned particular duties to assist the board in carrying out governance responsibilities. Currently, the board has two standing committees. 

  • Audit Committee: The committee provides oversight of the financial and performance management systems and disclosure, internal and external audit activities, enterprise risk management, and internal controls.
  • Governance & HR Committee: The committee’s responsibilities include developing new board policies, reviewing and updating existing board policies, recruiting board members, facilitating the President & Chief Executive Officer's performance evaluation and ensuring succession planning is in place for the organization.

Governance Documents