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CANNABIS PRODUCT RECALL: iNaturally Organic Inc. recalled Emprise CBN+CBD 50mg Softgels due to the product label having incorrect cannabinoid values – lot numbers 357055720, 357055721 & 357065721. Visit our Recalls page for more information.

Information Bulletin

Retail cannabis licence moratorium lifted

Due to a steady increase in AGLC’s cannabis supply, the moratorium on accepting new retail licence applications and issuing new retail licences has been lifted.

Lifting the moratorium supports economic development and the success of Alberta’s budding cannabis industry. 

AGLC will continue to monitor the supply to ensure that retailers continue to receive adequate inventory. In order to ensure that Alberta’s existing and new retailers have a consistent amount of product, AGLC will be issuing five licences on a weekly basis. 

Should the stability of inventory take a drastic downturn, AGLC will evaluate reinstating the moratorium.

Currently, AGLC has contracts with 26 federally licensed producers from across the country and will work with any federally licensed producers that meet regulatory requirements.

AGLC is responsible for regulating private retail cannabis, the distribution of cannabis and operation of the province’s online cannabis store ( on behalf of the Alberta government.

For more than 20 years, AGLC has been a regulatory leader in the management of Alberta’s gaming and liquor industries. Our commitment to integrity and offering choices Albertans can trust continues as our responsibilities expand to include cannabis. 

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