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Responsible gambling program celebrates second anniversary

Responsible gambling program celebrates second anniversary

Hundreds of Albertans benefit from GameSense program

Today marks the second anniversary of GameSense, a program that provides Albertans with an opportunity to learn how to gamble responsibly.

“The GameSense program encourages patrons to consider gambling as a form of entertainment. Albertans learn how games of chance work, and are provided with tools and resources to make informed decisions when participating in gambling activities.”

Michelle Hynes-Dawson
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility & Reputation
Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

Did you know?

  • 29% of Albertans are aware of GameSense
  • GameSense Advisors are available in all 28 casinos across Alberta
  • Less than 2% of Albertans are at risk for problem gambling
  • 80% of Albertans participate in some form of gaming
  • 61% of Albertans gamble to have fun
  • 51% gamble for entertainment
  • 24% gamble to socialize
  • 19% gamble to make money

The Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission encourages Albertans to learn more about how gambling works, the odds and randomness of gambling, the differences between skill and chance-based games and more.

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