News Release

Olé, olé, open early: World Cup bar hours extended

The FIFA World Cup is a major soccer event that many Albertans enjoy. As a result, a provincewide liquor service extension is being offered to all establishments where liquor is served for on-site consumption throughout the duration of the FIFA World Cup, which is set to start June 14 and end July 15.

With the tournament being hosted in Russia, many games begin early in the morning in Alberta. Restaurants and bars serving alcohol during these hours would have been offside.

With this blanket approval, licensed bars have the option of starting liquor service at the beginning of each FIFA World Cup game when those games start outside of regular serving hours without receiving a red card.

Licensees are still required to continue offering service in a socially responsible way to ensure the safety of their patrons. Albertans are reminded to use their DrinkSense by making smart, responsible choices when consuming alcohol, leading to a more enjoyable and safer experience for everyone. To find an establishment to cheer on this year’s FIFA World Cup teams, check out Best Bar Finder for the best bars committed to service, safety and an enjoyable experience.

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