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‘If you drink and drive…you’ll make someone cry’

One child’s powerful message on the dangers of impaired driving emphasizes the hope that Alberta’s roads will be safer.

Keana Hollmann, a Grade 6 student from Tofield School, is the overall winner of the inaugural Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD) Alberta Liquor Bag Contest.

Selected from more than 150 entries province-wide, Keana’s winning design and message will be printed on one million brown paper bags distributed to liquor stores throughout the province starting May long weekend.

“My liquor bag states that you shouldn’t drink and drive because you can hurt yourself and others. Never forget that others have feelings. If you hurt yourself, you’re also hurting others so never drink and drive.”
- Keana Hollmann, Grade six student, Tofield School

All submissions were judged based on originality, messaging and design.

In addition to the overall winner, nine entries were also selected from three categories: Kindergarten to Grade 6, Grade 7 to Grade 9, and Grade 10 to 12. All winners will be awarded gift cards for their efforts.

“Congratulations to Keana, the winners and all the students and schools for helping to spread these important messages on impaired driving. This is a terrific partnership with SADD Alberta which ties into our commitment to social responsibility to help people make safe choices and avoid alcohol-related harms. All the submissions from students are a powerful reminder that we all play a role to help keep Albertans safe.”
- Bill Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis

Now in its fourth year, the SADD Alberta Liquor Bag campaign works with participating elementary, junior high and high schools to have students create a message on the dangers of impaired driving. Once students create their messages about impaired driving on the bags, they are then delivered to select liquor stores in the student’s community by teachers or a SADD representative.

More than 250 schools throughout the province created impaired driving messages on more than 60,000 liquor bags.

“We can all be impressed with the courage and the dedication that is demonstrated by Alberta’s youth when taking a stand against the dangers of driving while impaired. Congratulations to Keana, and all of the students across Alberta who participated in the campaign. Their messages will make someone think about their choices and in turn, will help to make Alberta’s roads safe. We have a responsibility to continue to share the messages of these students as well, and to ensure that we always drive safe and drive sober. Remember – ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Drive’.” 
- Jason Stolz, Chair, Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD) Alberta

Orders for the 2016 SADD Alberta Liquor Bag campaign will start again in Fall 2016.

For more information on the SADD Alberta Liquor Bag campaign, the winners or how schools can participate in the liquor bag campaign, visit Students Against Drinking and Driving Alberta or contact Arthur Lee at .