Policy update

Elimination of restrictions on patio hours and patio entertainment

This Bulletin is to advise Class A, B, and C licensee of changes to Section 4.2 of the Licensee Handbook on patio hours and entertainment.

Effective August 8, 2016, the current restrictions on hours of service and consumption on patios (Section 4.2.8), as well as patio entertainment (Section 4.2.9) will be eliminated. Liquor service on patios will not longer be required to end by midnight followed by a one-hour consumption period. 

AGLC will no longer mandate noise concerns with regards to recorded music, DJ booths, and live entertainment. The authority to deal with noise issues falls under the municipality or county. Municipalities or counties that do not have business licences or noise bylaws can make a request to AGLC to impose conditions on a licence restricting patio hours where circumstances warrant.

Section 4.2 of the Licensee Handbook has been updated to reflect those changes.

Endorsements on liquor licences stating liquor service on patios musts end by midnight followed by a one-hour consumption period will be removed when the licence is re-issued upon expiry of the current licence.

If you have any questions about these extended hours, please contact AGLC compliance branch at inspections.mailbox@aglc.ca.