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Dry9 movement encourages Albertans to support alcohol-free pregnancies

Dry 9 Media Launch panelists: Jesse Kupina, owner of Central Social Hall and his wife, Jamie Perusini, AGLC Marketing employee and Theresa Bosko, AHS employee.

With the yuletide season here, Albertans are enjoying their favourite alcoholic drinks at parties and gatherings. Those who are pregnant or trying to conceive can face challenges in choosing to be alcohol-free amidst all the revelry. Dry 9 is here to help Albertans, to provide the necessary resources and start the conversation about the effects of alcohol during pregnancy.

“Over the years, the topic of drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not new with so many differing views; some that are conflicting. AGLC knows that no amount of alcohol is proven safe while pregnant. Dry 9 represents an exciting opportunity to provide information, resources and support for those looking to be alcohol-free to assist them in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Whether it’s the holiday season or any time of year, we want to encourage people and their support networks to sign up for a Dry 9 and let others know about their healthy choice.”

Alain Maisonneuve, Acting President and CEO, AGLC

In addition to people and their network of family, friends and colleagues signing up to do a Dry 9 and not drinking alcohol while pregnant or trying to conceive, individuals signing up will also receive:

  • a free Dry 9 t-shirt (for the first 500 pregnant women that register)
  • monthly tips on how to handle situations with alcohol when pregnant and various facts on what stages of baby development
  • exclusive mocktail of the month recipes
  • Dry9 videos to send to family, friends and spouses to get them to support you while you do your Dry 9
  • an interactive website ( which in the future will feature an online community forum to allow Dry 9 participants to share tips, ideas and support.

Dry 9 is part of DrinkSense, which represents AGLC’s ongoing commitment to educate and raise awareness on responsible liquor consumption for adult Albertans.  AGLC also supports provincial efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm, with a goal of enabling Albertans to make positive choices for themselves and enjoy consuming alcohol in a responsible way.

More information about Dry 9, signing up to do a Dry 9, the effects of alcohol while pregnant and Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines can be found at or

If you or someone you know needs help with managing alcohol consumption, call the Alberta Health Services Addiction confidential hotline, toll free, at 1-866-332-2322.

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