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Dry9 celebrates one year of supporting alcohol-free pregnancies

Tomorrow, December 5, marks the first anniversary of Dry9. The movement has lead to women and supporters of Dry9 across Alberta now having greater opportunities to continue the conversation on staying alcohol-free during pregnancy.

New this year, supporters of Dry9 are encouraged to share their success stories and ideas for staying alcohol-free during pregnancy through AGLC’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.

Additionally, a new Facebook group launched recently to allow the more than 1,150 women throughout 131 Alberta communities who have signed up for Dry9 to connect with each other. The Facebook group encourages women and supporters to share stories, ideas and best practices on how to stay alcohol-free while pregnant. In addition, supporters including husbands, partners, family members and friends can now sign up for Dry9 to lend their encouragement to the pregnant women in their lives.

“We are incredibly pleased at the level of support and excitement Dry9 has received this past year. By encouraging supporters from all walks of life to sign up for Dry9, and through promotion of the new Facebook group, now is the time to bring further awareness and understanding as to why no amount of alcohol is proven safe during pregnancy.”

Alain Maisonneuve, President and CEO, AGLC

The Dry9 website provides information, resources and support for those choosing to remain alcohol-free during pregnancy. Individuals who sign up for a Dry9 receive:

  • a free Dry9 t-shirt;
  • monthly tips on how to handle situations with alcohol when pregnant;
  • various facts on the different stages of baby development;
  • exclusive mocktail of the month recipes;
  • videos to send to family, friends and spouses to gain their support for doing a Dry9; and
  • access to the interactive Dry9 website to encourage Dry9 participants to share tips, ideas and support.

Dry9 is part of DrinkSense, which represents AGLC’s ongoing commitment to educate and raise awareness on responsible liquor consumption for adult Albertans. AGLC also supports provincial efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm, with a goal of Albertans making positive choices for themselves and consuming alcohol in a responsible way.

More information about signing up for Dry9, the effects of alcohol while pregnant and Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines can be found at or

If you or someone you know needs help with managing alcohol consumption, call the Alberta Health Services’ confidential Helpline, toll free, at 1-866-332-2322.

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