iNaturally Organic Inc. - Type 1 recall – June 5, 2024

CANNABIS PRODUCT RECALL: iNaturally Organic Inc. recalled Emprise CBN+CBD 50mg Softgels due to the product label having incorrect cannabinoid values – lot numbers 357055720, 357055721 & 357065721. Visit our Recalls page for more information.

Product Recall

AGLC voluntary product recall


Consumers who purchased Aurora CBD or THC-Sativa Caps with lot numbers 1102019000072 or 1102019000071 are asked to check the bottle against the original box to ensure the product is what they intended to purchase. If it isn’t, please call Alberta Cannabis at 1-855-436-5677.

Please note that this is not a recall due to product quality, but a voluntary recall due to possible incorrect packaging.

Retailers who purchased Aurora THC-Sativa Caps with lot number 1102019000071 (case packs only) or Aurora CBD Caps with lot number 1102019000072 (bottle cartons only):

You should remove the recalled products from store shelves and clearly mark the products as ‘Do Not Sell – Recalled Product’. You should set it aside in a safe area of your storage space until AGLC is able to issue you a return shipping authorization or provide you with further instructions for handling it.

Product Details Lot Number

Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc.

Aurora THC-Satvia Caps (case packs only)



Product Details Lot Number

Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc.

Aurora CBD Caps (bottle cartons only)