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News Release

750ml Santa Julia Pinot Grigio wines pulled from retail shelves

Santa Julia Pinot Grigio wine, in a 750ml bottle, is being removed from sale at all retail locations because the product contains elevated levels of copper sulphate. The recall from sale is a precautionary measure because the product does not currently comply with federal food regulations.

According to Health Canada, copper sulphate, in specific concentration, is an allowed food additive for wines. For more information on food additives and related regulations, please refer to the Health Canada’s website.

To date, no complaints or injuries related to consumption of this specific wine have been reported in Alberta.

Note to liquor licensees: 
If you carry this particular wine, please review this recall notice and follow the instructions outlined in the notice to pull the Lot Numbers #L14-245 and #L14-246 from sale in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about this recall, contact Tamara Tchir, Quality Control Clerk, at 780-447-8894 or recall@aglc.ca.