iNaturally Organic Inc. - Type 1 recall – June 5, 2024

CANNABIS PRODUCT RECALL: iNaturally Organic Inc. recalled Emprise CBN+CBD 50mg Softgels due to the product label having incorrect cannabinoid values – lot numbers 357055720, 357055721 & 357065721. Visit our Recalls page for more information.

Minors Section – Liquor Policy Handbooks

Liquor Bulletin 
November 2019.LIQ.7

This bulletin is to advise all liquor licensees of IMPORTANT AMENDMENT to the liquor policy handbooks.

Effective November 4, 2019, a signature line is no longer required for valid identification. The amended policy is located in the following handbook sections:

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policy and ensure all affected staff are notified of the amendment.

The amended handbooks may be accessed on the AGLC website.

If you have any questions please contact AGLC‘s Compliance Branch at

Download the printable version