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Liquor warehouse operator announced

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) is pleased to announce that Connect Logistics Services (CLS) is the successful proponent following an open procurement for an operator for the province’s liquor warehousing and distribution network.

AGLC undertook a two-year procurement process to secure a long-term contract for a liquor warehouse operator to provide stable and secure service to industry.

The new contract, signed with CLS, will drive better value for industry while maintaining high levels of service. AGLC and CLS signed a 10-year contract with a possibility of two five-year extensions.

CLS will continue to be responsible for operating AGLC’s liquor warehousing and distribution services. The liquor warehouse network includes four warehouses, totaling more than five million cases in storage capacity, and services to more than two thousand licensees across Alberta. 

Since 1993, the amount of liquor products available to Albertans has grown considerably. AGLC’s warehousing and distribution network today now manages approximately 25,000 of Alberta’s active 29,000 liquor products (SKUs).

This new contract is a part of AGLC’s liquor modernization efforts, demonstrating our commitment to supporting consumer choice, innovation and economic growth.

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