Licensee Handbook‐ Video Lottery Terminal Policy Amendments

Liquor Bulletin 
June 2019.VLT.4

This bulletin is to advise all video lottery terminal (vlt) retailers of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the Licensee Handbook (LH).

The following LH policies are effective June 6, 2019:

Sections 10.3, 10.4, 10.21, and 14.9:

  • These policy sections were amended to provide vlt retailers with the option to provide financial security to Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) in the form of a cash deposit.
  • Previously, vlt retailers that opted out of or that failed a credit evaluation were required to provide AGLC with an irrevocable letter of credit to establish financial security. Retailers now have the option of providing AGLC with an irrevocable letter of credit or cash deposit.
  • Regardless of whether retailers choose to provide an irrevocable letter of credit or a cash deposit, the amount required as financial security is based on historical sales and is therefore identical for both methods.
  • New and existing retailers that wish to provide a cash deposit instead of an irrevocable letter of credit must submit the Deposit Agreement form to AGLC and deposits the required funds. 
  • These policy amendments offer an additional option for vlt retailers that are required to provide financial security to AGLC.

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policies, update your LH as required, and ensure all affected staff are notified of the new requirements.

The amended LH may be accessed on AGLC’s website at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AGLC’s Hotline at 1‐800‐561‐4415.

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