Liquor Manufacturer Policy Amendments

Liquor Bulletin 

March 27, 2020

This bulletin is to advise all Class E Licensees of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to the Liquor Manufacturer Handbook (LMH).

Effective immediately, the following amendments have been made to the LMH: 

  • Section 1.2: adding definitions of kombucha and refreshment beverages;
  • Section 3.1.1 b): adding kombucha to the cider and refreshment beverage category for production thresholds;
  • Section 3.1.1 d): amending the production threshold for spirits by using litres of absolute alcohol;
  • Section 3.1.1: amending the definition of small manufacturer;
  • Section 3.1.5: providing manufacturers the option to use neutral spirits and beverage alcohol when manufacturing liquor products;    
  • Previous Sections 3.1.7 – 3.1.9: removing the requirement to use raw materials in the production of liquor products;
  • Previous Section 3.1.11 and New Section 3.1.7: eliminating the maximum 20 per cent of blended or flavoured products; and also eliminating the minimum six month wait time after being licensed before blending may occur;
  • Section 6.2.2: clarifying manufacturers may start collaboration manufacturing upon licensing and collaboration may involve different types of liquor products; 
  • Section 6.2.3 c) and e): clarifying manufacturers may start contract manufacturing upon licensing and operate solely as contractors;
  • Section 6.2.3 j): providing contractors the opportunity to distribute products on behalf of contractees; and
  • Section 6.2.3 k): enabling contracted products to be distributed through any AGLC approved (beer) warehouse, not just the central warehouse.  

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policy and ensure all affected staff are notified of the amendments.

The amended handbook may be accessed on AGLC’s website at

If you have any questions please contact AGLC’s Liquor Services Division at

Download the printable version