Liquor Samples for Consumers (Off-Premises)

Liquor Bulletin 

October 20, 2020


This bulletin is to advise all liquor agencies and manufacturers of a new section to the Liquor Agency Handbook (LAH) regarding liquor samples.

Effective immediately, agencies and manufacturers may provide free liquor samples to adult consumers under the following conditions:

  • the liquor samples provided are purchased by the agency through AGLC;
  • samples are distributed by the agency, or its representative to the individual in person or through a Class D Delivery Service licensee;
  • the person distributing the sample has ProServe certification;
  • samples are marked “not for resale and “offsite consumption only”
  • samples provided cannot exceed:
    • one 355 bottle or can of beer, cider or refreshment beverage;
    • one 200 ml bottle of wine; and
    • one 50ml bottle of spirits.
  • samples are limited to one per consumer per day; and
  • a written record of sampling activities is kept by the agency.

The new policy may be accessed on AGLC’s website at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding liquor sample policies please contact AGLC’s Liquor Services Division at or toll-free at 1-800-272-8876.


Download the printable version.