Online Special Event Licence Application

Welcome to the online AGLC Special Event Liquor Licence Application

In Alberta, you need a special event licence (SEL) to sell or provide liquor at:

AGLC recommends you apply for your licence at least 14 days prior to your event and that you check municipal requirements if the event is on municipal property.

Who can apply online?

Individuals, not-for-profit groups, municipalities, and businesses are all eligible to apply online for a SEL for a private event.

You can apply online for a SEL if:

How it works - in six easy steps:

Who can't apply online?

You can't apply online if:

  • You are holding a public event, such as a festival or beer garden.
  • You are applying from outside Canada.
  • If you are a business: guests will be paying for admission or liquor.

In these cases, please contact AGLC: 780-447-8846.

Note: In-process applications cannot be saved. If you exit before completing your application and payment, all information will be lost.

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