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Modernized public event liquor policies will have people raising their glasses

Changes incorporate feedback heard from impacted stakeholders.

More Albertans will be able to apply for a public resale Special Event Licence (SEL) thanks to changes that streamline and modernize the application process. Following feedback from stakeholders, notable amendments include simplifying food and security requirements. Previously, some groups may not have been able to obtain a public resale SEL due to narrow categorization.

“As AGLC modernizes, we aim to ensure that our policies reflect the changing needs of Albertans. By updating our public resale SEL policy, we are allowing more groups to take advantage of this licence category.”
Alain Maisonneuve, President & CEO, AGLC

“As the producer of several annual music festivals across the province it is encouraging to see the recent amendments to special event licences in Alberta. The updates allow added flexibility in licensing areas while maintaining the safety of event guests and are the result of consultations and open dialogue with industry professionals and stakeholders. We look forward to ongoing discussions with AGLC as they continue to enhance their policies to the benefit of all Albertans.”

Harvey Cohen, Vice President | Live Nation Canada – Central Region

In addition to removing sub-categories that previously limited applicants from obtaining the public resale SEL, the policy change also enhances safety and security at events by mandating:

  • simplifying food requirements
  • simplifying security policy requirements
  • requiring a public resale - community licensee and designate to have ProServe certification and a minimum of one ProServe-certified server per 100 patrons.  

AGLC supports provincial efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm. Albertans are reminded to use their DrinkSense by making informed, responsible choices when consuming alcohol, leading to a more enjoyable and safer experience for everyone.

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