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Alberta charities power up for electronic raffle

Effective immediately, Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) is accepting applications for gaming supplier registration in order to provide electronic raffle system components in Alberta. Interested suppliers are asked to contact AGLC Due Diligence unit by email at

This move to modernize raffle policies follows changes to the Criminal Code of Canada that enable eligible charities to sell and issue raffle tickets, distribute prizes and select a winner through the use of a random number generator on or through a computer.

“Thousands of Alberta’s non-profit organizations conduct charitable gaming events each year. This policy update provides more flexibility and opportunities for these groups to deliver their valuable programs and services that benefit Alberta communities each year.”

Alain Maisonneuve, President & CEO, AGLC

Beginning January 30, 2019, AGLC will accept raffle licence applications from eligible Alberta charities interested in conducting raffles on or through a computer. Dependent on total ticket value of the raffle, charities will be able to conduct certain functions of the raffle electronically.

In Alberta, charitable gaming revenue is generated through casinos, bingos, pull-tickets and raffles. Last year, Alberta charities earned more than $336 million through charitable gaming activities.

If charities have questions about conducting electronic raffles in Alberta, they can contact AGLC Raffle Licensing at


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