Liquor products

All liquor products sold in Alberta are registered with AGLC.

There are over 24,000 liquor products available in Alberta.

Individual product selection in stores is determined by customer demand. AGLC does not limit or control the variety of products available.

How can I bring liquor products I own with me when I move to Alberta?

Personal liquor products can be brought with you when you move to Alberta. You may need to report the liquor you are bringing. More information can be found on our Moving to Alberta page.

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How can I find a product I want?

Information about the liquor product search tool at and liquor search apps for mobile.

Moving to Alberta

Instructions for consumers who are moving to Alberta and wish to bring personal liquor products with them when they move.

Faulty products

Information for consumers, retailers and licensees regarding the faulty product claim process.

Product recalls

Liquor product recall and return information for consumers, retailers and licensee.