Canopy Growth Corp. Voluntary Product Recall – March 5, 2019

PRODUCT RECALL: Due to a possible labelling error, Canopy Growth is voluntarily recalling their LBS Sunset (indica) whole flower cannabis (3.5 g). Visit for more information.

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Electronic Raffle Handbook

These policies, along with the Electronic Raffle Standards Document, specify AGLC requirements and govern the conduct of electronic raffles.
Last Updated: January 30, 2019

Document details

The Electronic Raffle Handbook, along with the Electronic Raffles Standards Document, provides information about AGLC policies and requirements regarding the conduct of electronic raffles and also outlines the responsibilities and requirements of licensed charitable organizations, raffle ticket managers, electronic raffle system administrators, registered gaming suppliers, accredited testing facilities and registered gaming worker suppliers. Also read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about electronic raffles. AGLC is now accepting raffle licence applications from charities interested in using electronic raffle components in their raffles.

The information provided in this handbook includes:

  • General Information
  • Requirements for Traditional & Bearer Ticket Raffles
  • Electronic Traditional Ticket Raffle Requirements
  • Electronic Bearer Ticket Raffle Requirements
  • Advertising
  • Electronic Draws
  • Online Prize Distribution
  • Equipment
  • Remuneration and Gaming Irregularities
  • Gaming Supplier, Gaming Worker Supplier and Raffle Ticket Manager
  • Cancellation Procedures
  • Reports & Records



Updated: January 30, 2019