SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training

SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training is an online certification program that will help licensed retail cannabis store staff and cannabis representative staff understand how to sell legal, non-medical cannabis responsibly after it is legalized.

You require SellSafe certification to work full-time or part-time in a licensed retail cannabis store if you are a:

  • premises owner, manager, supervisor, retailer or cashier;
  • security staff person (directly employed or contracted by the licensee); or
  • direct supervisor or employee of a company contracted to provide security. 

Managers, supervisors and employees of a cannabis representative involved in the marketing, promotion and sales of a cannabis supplier's products, must also have SellSafe certification.

SellSafe will help staff understand what their responsibilities are to their customers. The program also helps workers understand what Alberta’s cannabis laws and the AGLC’s policies are so they can follow them. These rules are in place to help protect people working in the cannabis industry, their property, their customers and the public from cannabis-related harms.

SellSafe does not include information on all cannabis laws and policies.

Licensed retail cannabis store staff are required to have SellSafe certification before applying to the AGLC to be a Qualified Cannabis Worker.

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