5.3 Board Hearings

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. The Board will schedule a hearing when:
    1. the Board decides to convene a hearing rather than proceeding to consider the matter without a hearing;
    2. a registrant receives Notice of Administrative Sanction imposed by the Board or the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the registrant requests a hearing; or
    3. a registrant receives notice of a proposed administrative sanction from the President & CEO and the registrant does not return a completed Consent to Proposed Specified Administrative Sanction form within 14 calendar days.
  2. A registrant may waive a requirement for AGLC witnesses by completing a Waiver of Hearing Witnesses form.
    1. By signing the Waiver form, the registrant accepts the Incident Report as written and waives the need to call AGLC witnesses.  After a waiver is signed, the registrant may not call any witnesses with respect to facts in the Incident Report.  The registrant may, however, call witnesses on the subject of the administrative sanction.
    2. A registrant who signs the Waiver form is not required to personally attend the Board hearing.  They may submit a written presentation to the Board if they wish.
    3. Whether or not the registrant signs the Waiver form, witnesses may be called by the Hearing Panel, registrant and/or the Regulatory Division on matters not covered in the Incident Report.
  3. As a result of a hearing, the Board may decide to:
    1. find the alleged infraction occurred and impose an administrative sanction;
    2. dismiss the allegation;
    3. confirm a previous imposed administrative sanction;
    4. amend or alter the original decision with a new decision; or
    5. cancel the original decision.
  4. The Hearing Panel must provide the registrant with a written copy of the hearing results and its reasons for confirming, changing or cancelling the original decision.

Non-Disciplinary Matters

  1. Under Section 94(1) of the GLCA, any registrant who disagrees with a Board Decision has the right to request a hearing before the Board.  This includes a Board decision unrelated to a disciplinary matter, such as an application for a registration extension or conditions imposed on a registration.  The registrant must apply for the hearing in writing within 30 days of receiving notice of the Board’s decision.  The application must describe the issue and provide the registrants’ reasons for requesting the hearing.  A Board hearing will be scheduled within 120 days of receiving a registrants’ application.  The registrant may attend the hearing and make representations to the Hearing Panel.
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