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COVID-19 Cannabis Q & A

While not exhaustive, AGLC has prepared Questions & Answers below to answer many of the questions that you or your organization may have related to COVID-19. If you are a cannabis retailer and have any additional questions, please contact the Alberta Cannabis Call Centre at 1-855-436-5677 or contact your AGLC Inspector.

Additional details will be added to as soon as they are available.

General information on current restrictions can be found at


Questions and answers

Last updated: February 28, 2022

The Alberta government announced that the province will progress to Step Two of its three-step approach to lifting public health restrictions on March 1, 2022. More information about the announcement, three-step approach and current public health orders is available at COVID-19 public health actions |

How do current restrictions impact retail cannabis operations?

Effective March 1, 2022:

Alberta will enter Step Two starting on March 1. At this time, the following measures will be updated:

  • Capacity limits are lifted for all venues.
  • Limits on indoor and outdoor social gatherings are lifted.
  • Restrictions on interactive activities, liquor service and operating hours are lifted.
  • Mandatory work from home requirements are lifted.
  • The provincial mask mandate is lifted except in high-risk settings, including on public transit, AHS-operated and contracted facilities and all continuing care facilities.

Municipalities may have additional requirements set out through bylaw. Please follow all restrictions that your municipality may have in place.

Step Three

The timeline for Alberta entering Step Three is to be determined and will depend on hospitalization rates continuing to trend downward.

  • COVID-specific measures in continuing care will be removed.
  • Mandatory isolation becomes a recommendation only.

More information and guidance for businesses and event organizers is available at COVID-19 public health actions | Alberta.caAdditional details will be added to as soon as they are available.

Are customers required to remove their masks for identification verification purposes?

In Step Two, the mandatory provincewide indoor masking requirement is lifted except in high-risk settings. Municipalities may have additional requirements set out through bylaw. Retail cannabis store employees can ask patrons who wear masks to remove their mask to determine age and verify identification.

Where can cannabis licensees find more information on specific health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19?

The Alberta government has an online resource to provide business owners with information on health and safety guidelines for workplaces, as well as operational guidelines.

Information on all current restrictions is available at

Additional details on requirements will be released prior to each step at