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Casino Policies, Procedures and Handbooks

  • Casino Eligibility Application and Guidelines
    This form will help determine if a group meets the eligibility requirements for a casino licence. A casino licence authorizes charitable or religious organizations to conduct a casino event in a specified licensed facility. (LIC/GAM 5426)

  • Casino Licence Application
    Only groups that have been approved through the Casino Eligibility process (Casino Eligibility Application and Guidelines (LIC/GAM 5426) above) are eligible to apply for a casino on the Casino Licence Application. The Casino Licence Application form is submitted to the AGLC 60 days prior to the dates that have been assigned to the eligible charitable or religious organizations. (LIC/GAM 5420)

  • Casino Charity Bank Account Form
    All charities scheduled to conduct a licensed casino event must submit a completed Casino Charity Bank Account Form with their Casino Licence Application. Please complete this form (and attach a voided cheque or a letter from the bank verifying the account information) and submit with your casino licence application to the AGLC office eight weeks before your scheduled casino event.

  • Request for Casino Licence
    This form must be submitted if a charitable or religious organization has previously held a casino and wants to apply for another licence. (LIC/GAM 5431)

  • Casino Volunteer Worker Application
    The Volunteer Worker Application (VWA) is to be completed only by a member of a charity who is volunteering to work at a two-day casino event as scheduled by the AGLC. For events taking place in casino facilities with CasinoTrack, only those volunteers working in the key positions are to be submitted. This form is NOT to be filled out by a paid gaming worker (Paid workers use form Registration Application for Gaming Worker – Casino (LIC/GAM 5401)

  • Casino LICENSEE Terms and Conditions (Charities)
    (Last amendment: February 2017)

    These Terms and Conditions govern licences issued to Charities conducting a casino event.

  • Casino Terms Conditions and Operating Guidelines
    (Last amendment: May 1, 2017)
    The Casino Terms and Conditions and Operating Guidelines provides information to help both Casino Facility Operator licensees and casino licensees (charities) meet AGLC requirements.

All completed applications must be sent to:

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
Regulatory Division
50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, AB  T8N 3T5

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