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Bingo Eligibility and Licence Forms

Bingo Information:

A bingo licence authorizes charitable or religious organizations to conduct bingo events.

Only charitable or religious groups are licensed to conduct gaming events in Alberta.

The proceeds generated from these events must be used for approved charitable or religious activities.

To qualify for a bingo licence, a group must have delivered a charitable program in Alberta for a minimum of 12 months.

Association Bingo:

PDF Executive Officers Particulars

This form should be used to submit a list of the executive officers of the group applying for a bingo license.

PDF Eligibility for Bingo Licence Application

The purpose of this application is to determine a group's eligibility to hold bingo events in a bingo association.

PDF Bingo Licence Application
The purpose of this form is to obtain a licence. A group must complete and submit this application after eligibility has been established and a bingo association has contacted the group.

Community Bingo:

PDF Bingo Licence Application
The purpose of this form is to determine a group’s eligibility for a community bingo licence and, if eligible, to issue a community bingo licence. A group must complete and submit this application at least four weeks prior to being considered for its first event.

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